Keep your community up-to-date with specials, events, and everything around your Town.




Display local business listings and create custom maps. Include additional information such as: photos, working hours, directions, and allow users to share and comment.


Post local deals and discounts. Deals can be associated with locations listed in the app and promoted using push notifications.


Promote local events with all of the details, directions, and links to other services.


Showcase your community with photo galleries through Flickr, Picasa, or image RSS.


Add videos of local events or marketing/promo clips. Sync your videos by linking to your YouTube, Vimeo, or video RSS feeds.


Post contests that promote local businesses and allow users to win fun prizes at their favorite places.

Push Notifications

Announce new deals, event reminders, school updates, and emergency notification alerts right to your residents' mobile screens.


Deliver relevant websites, forms, or other web content without leaving your app.

Local News

Increase engagement with your Town residents by providing updates in your area. Use our RSS feed or CMS plugin integration.